Who are we?

Dolcetti – Traditional Artisan Italian Gelato

It all started in 1984 in South Africa when Rob Gibson first fell in love with Italian Gelato. He learned to make the creamy ice cream and helped to establish the largest chain of Ice Cream parlours in South Africa. Gelato a soft ice cream that is made from cream, milk, and sugar and contains little or no air and has no artificial flavourings, palm oil or whey powder.

Dolcetti uses the finest ingredients to create its creamy gelato and fruity sorbets.
Milk and cream sourced from a local dairy farm is pasteurised on site in the factory to ensure that quality and food safety consistency are always maintained.

The best quality fruit from Hereford and India is used in the Sorbets and gelato. It is this commitment to quality that results in the creamy texture and intense flavours that Dolcetti Gelato has already become well-known for.

Dolcetti’s Vegan gelato is made from Coconut Milk and this range together with the Sorbets is ideal for lactose intolerant customers.

Based in Cirencester, this family run business supplies local hospitality venues, as well as providing a 24 flavour “parlour” for the general public to be able to enjoy the products.  Unique to Dolcetti is a range of ice cream cakes (though no cake in the cakes!), including made-to-order celebration cakes with your own choice of flavour combinations.

Dolcetti also produces a Dog friendly ice-cream called Gruffles.

With quality being the most important mantra in the business along with locally sourced ingredients, the Dolcetti slogan “Cow to Cone in a Day” is perfectly applicable.

Why buy from Dolcetti?